Open Positions

Currently open position:  Electronics Engineer (full-time)

Intermediate or above skills on all of the below:
– Hardware design (in Eagle or similar software)
– Firmware development (for ARM or AVM structure Microcontrollers)
– Digital signal processing
– Technical reporting
– Technical English
also favored but not essential skills:
– analog signal processing and amplifiers
– Software development in C++/Java-based languages for hardware interface

Currently open position:  Mechanical Engineer (full-time)
Intermediate or above level of expertise in all of the below:
– Solid part design (in Solidworks or similar software)
– Static and Thermal calculations and computerized simulations
– Quality control for machining (like CNC milling/turning/grinding/ LASER cut/bend)
– Mechanical assembly skills
– Technical English
also favored but not essential skills:
– Pressure vessels
– High-pressure plumbing
– Refrigeration cycles

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Interns from Engineering, other Technical faculties,  Basic sciences, and Life Sciences are accepted for part-time or full-time unpaid work in the below listed topics. A beginner-level skill in that topic is required.

Hardware weighted:
– PCB design in Eagle
– PCB manufacturing and mounting
– Hardware design with STM32F ARM and AtMega AVR 8-bit MCU
– Analog Signal Processing
– Operational, Instrument and Transimpedance amplifiers
Software weighted:
– Firmware development for microcontrollers (ARM and AVR)
– Windows interface for primary hardware
– GUI design (in C#/Qt/Phyton, C++ or Java based languages)
– Touch TFT control
– Digital filters (MA, Fourier)

Biochemistry based:
– Biosensor microchips
– Electrochemical sensors
– Developing electrochemical protocols

Application of Mechanics:
– Solid part design (in Solidworks)
– Pressure, torque, load, stress, strain calculations, Static and Thermal Simulations
– Machining (CNC milling, turning and grinding)
– Quality control of machined parts
– Assembly/Disassembly and Performance experiments on mechanical systems

Application of Theorics:
– Pressure vessels and Seals (Energized gaskets, U-cups, and o-rings)
– High-pressure fluid connection standards
– Linear and rotational bearings and actuators
– ISO 286 standard for manufacturing tolerances

– Technical Documentation
– Government funds and grants for innovation and high-technology devices

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