SolarBiotec provides customized solutions for automating medical laboratory applications. Our custom-made robotic platforms work directly for your purpose, minimizing errors as well as the hands-on time.
Protocols involving sensitive liquid handling, transfer, mixing, magnetic separation, thermal incubation, cycling, shaking, absorbance and fluorescence measurement, and other optical image analysis can be fully automated in a single robotic instrument.


2016 – 2018

A fully automated nucleic acid extraction platform for low to medium throughput laboratories, capable of 16 parallel nucleic acid isolations from blood. The device uses its dedicated single-use pre-filled reagent cartridges.



​​A servo motor controlled system for applying stretch on cells, which can be fine tuned in amplitude and frequency via a touch-screen remote interface. The device was suitable for functioning in 100% humidity and hot environment and for real time monitoring of cell status through a microscope.