2020 – 2023
SolarBiotec coordinates multinational RnD project SensCoat (Smart Nano-coating for Manufacturing of Biosensors for Point of Care Molecular Genetic Diagnosis) for developing a MEMS PoC instrument.

A novel device, depending on a multiple layers of high technology surface coatings and surface modification will be developed and validated for a specific final application: differential diagnosis of viral respiratory tract infections, to help containing the outbreak of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by reducing unnecessary prescription of antibiotics. Developing such a device to be available as a POC diagnostic system will not only have a national, but a global impact in a hot topic stimulated by the World Health Organization. WHO emphasizes that greater innovation and investment are required in research and development of new antimicrobial medicines, vaccines, and diagnostic tools to fight with AMR, globally.

By optimising surfaces via optimising precise surface coating procedures, in this project, a high technology product that is capable of specifically detecting microorganisms is being developed.

This project is supported by H2020 M.ERA-NET under Joint Call 2019 program and conducted in a consortium of three EU partner countries Turkey, Spain and Germany.

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M-ERA.NET is a strong European network of public funding organisations supporting and increasing coordination and convergence of national and regional funding programmes on research and innovation related to materials and battery technologies to support the European Green Deal.M-ERA.NET started in 2012 under FP7 with 37 partners from 25 European countries. It continued as M-ERA.NET 2 from 2016 to 2022 with 43 partners from 29 countries and is now running in its third phase as M-ERA.NET 3 until 2026 under the Horizon 2020 ERA-NET COFUND scheme with currently 50 public funding organisations from 36 countries.

About Fraunhofer
The Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS is the specialist and development partner in the field of Smart Systems and their integration for various applications. Fraunhofer ENAS has specialized on the challenge of combining micro and nano sensors, actuators and electronic components with interfaces for communication and a self-sufficient energy supply to form smart systems, thus supporting the Internet of Things and the ongoing digitalization. Fraunhofer ENAS develops single components, manufacturing technologies and system concepts, system integration technologies and actively supports the technology transfer for and with its customers.